Bullet Proof Coffee

You’ve probably heard of Bullet Proof Coffee (or BPC) as it’s been around a while in the paleo community.  When I started Keto, I found this was another great way to get a big boost in my fat content right in the beginning of my day.  And it’s DELICIOUS!

Part of the way I do Keto is with intermittent fasting.  This means that from dinner until lunch the next day I don’t consume any actual food (if I’m working out I might have a snack after the workout because of my calorie depletion).  This is what works for ME.  If you want to understand the WHY behind my choice, then I again direct you to Dr. Mercolas book, Fat for Fuel.

I also do a total food fast one day a week, but that’s a post for another day…

So back to BPC!  I drink this in the morning to get me through to lunch, get an immediate fat- fueled pick me up, and help up that fat intake.  Here’s the recipe I use:


12oz organic coffee

1tbsp butter – I use Kerrygold

1tbsp MCT oil (basically coconut oil)

Apple pie spice – I use this amazing one by Primal Palette


Place all ingredients in a blender and blend for 30 seconds.  Pour into mug and enjoy a little cup of Heaven!

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