My Most Favorite Product EVER!

I’ve known about Beautycounter for a while now, but for some reason I just never pulled the trigger on buying any products.  I finally went for it when one of my friends signed on as a rep and Beautycounter was having an unheard of incentive of a free jar of Cleansing Balm with a minimum purchase.  This is an $80 product!  Once I saw that I went all in ordering a few products from skin care to makeup.  And although the Lengthening Mascara is right up there, this Cleansing Balm is like nothing I’ve ever used before!

The instructions for use are to take an almond sized amount and rub it all over your face.  Then you take the cleansing cloth that comes with the balm, run it under warm water and wipe away the balm.  And guess what?!  ALL your makeup comes right off with it!  You’re then supposed to rinse your face in cool water.

Let me tell you… depending on your skin, you might not even need any moisturizer after because it is that great!  And forget an almond sized amount, you might only need a pea sized amount to get the job done, meaning your jar will last FOREVER!

If you try one thing from Beautycounter, I would suggest this!  And the best part is that all beauty counter products have a  60 day money back guarantee.  No questions asked!  If you don’t like it, or it doesn’t work for you, then send back for a full refund.  Talk about an offer you can’t refuse!


Shop here and don’t forget to select Launch Sale under the drop down!

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