Taco Thursday?

I know it doesn’t sound quite as catchy as Taco Tuesday, but in my world, any day is a good day to have tacos!  Or taco salads at least.

Right now, I’m the only one in the house that eats Keto.  Both my son and my husband still eat grains and the occasional sugary treat, and sometimes that can make meal planning hard (and will power hard when everyone but you is eating ice cream cake for a birthday…)  I’ve been at this ‘eating differently than my family’ game for a while though, so I’ve gotten pretty skilled at everyone eating the same base meal while swapping out something here or there to make everyone happy.

These tacos are perfect for that because 1- everyone in my house loves taco night (no small feat with a 7 year old). And 2 – It’s incredible easy for everyone to customize their own.  While I make rice and beans for the boys, I can have cauliflower rice.  And when they use tortillas (I always go non-GMO here), I can pile my toppings onto a huge bed of spinach.

This recipe itself isn’t high on the fat content, so I like to add some good fats to my salad with half an avocado and some Tessemae’s Ranch.  And I always squeeze about half a lime onto my salad for good measure.

This is also a great recipe for get togethers.  I mean, who doesn’t like a taco?!  We host a Life Group (think Bible Study) at our house twice a month and I’ve found this is definitely a crowd pleaser!


1 lb ground beef (I always use organic, grass-fed when I can)

2 bell peppers, sliced (I usually pick different colors to mix it up)

1 red onion, sliced

2 tbsp coconut oil

2 tbsp tomato past

2 tbsp water

1-2 tbsp taco seasoning (I use Primal Palate seasonings because they son’t have any icky ingredients and taste amazing!)


Add coconut oil to large pan and melt on medium heat.  Once oil is melted and hot, add peppers and onions sauté.

Once peppers and onions are tender, remove from the pan and set aside.

Add ground beef to the pan and brown until cooked through.

Once the beef is done cooking, add tomato paste, water and taco seasoning and stir until a sauce has formed.

Add peppers and onions back into the pan and leave on the heat until everything is warmed through.

Assemble your tacos, salads, etc and enjoy!

Servings: 6

Cal: 222g  Fat: 9.4g  Carb: 7.6  Protein: 23g

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