Let’s Talk Workouts

Similar to the way I’ve been with diets, I can say the same about workouts.  If it’s a workout program, I’ve tried it.  Barre3, Body Step, Body Pump, Jazzercise (y’all I was the QUEEN of Jazzercise in college!), spin class, boot camps, I’ve done it all!  And while I actually enjoyed most of those classes, some definitely gave me a better workout than others.  I’d say that Barre3 and boot camp were the most transformative and where I pushed myself the hardest, but living in Celebration there’s no easy location to do either.

Prior to my foray into Orangetheory, I was going to the local gym and taking Body Step and Body Pump, and while I loved it and had amazing instructors, I never really pushed myself.  I’d kind of go through the motions, doing “good enough” and calling it day.  All the while wondering why my body wasn’t changing the way I’d hoped.  Then last Summer the group exercise room at the gym closed for a couple months and that was all the push I needed to try this new fitness craze called Orangetheory.

You guys!  The first time I tried a class I thought I was going to die!  Like, legit, I’m glad I have life insurance, I’ll ever see my family again – DIE!  But I was also hooked.  That was the most effort (and reward) I’ve put into a fitness routine since I was consistently doing boot camps 3 years ago.

It would probably help to explain the premise of Orangetheory so you can get a better understand of why I almost passed to the other side.  Orangetheory is a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout.  This means that you go back and forth between a pretty good effort, an all-out pace, and rest/recovery.  It’s been well documented that this kind of workout is extremely effective for calorie burn both during and after your workout

The main component of Orangetheory (and what makes it stand out from the rest is that you are wearing a heart rate monitor and can constantly see how much effort you are putting forth (you’ll have a love-hate relationship with that part).

heart rate

The instructors will will guide you through a 1-hour class that rotates between the treadmill, rower, and weight room, focusing on different themes (endurance, power, strength) each class.  All the while listening to awesome play lists and the encouragement (or beat down if you’re me) of your instructor.

The goal by the end of class is to have 12 or more total minutes in the “orange zone”.  This is where you maintain a heart rate of between 84% and 92% and get the most calorie burn both during your workout and up to 24 hours later.  You also want to make sure you have a good chunk of time in the “green zone” which is the fat burning zone.   When the entire workout is done, you will see how your effort looks in a performance report (this also gets emailed to you).  The “perfect workout” would result in a pyramid shape.  And the more “splat points” you earn (the amount of time you spend in the orange and red combined), the more EPOC or excess post-exercise oxygen consumption you’ll have.  Meaning you’re bodies metabolism has spiked and will keep working overtime for that much longer.

OTF graph

One thing I learned from joining OTF is that I’m incredibly competitive.  If you’re like me, then these workouts are designed for you!  Sometimes you’re competing against your fellow workout companions, but most of the time your competing against yourself – to run faster, row longer, or lift harder to get yourself in that orange zone.  And that totally motivates me (I may also like to crush the competition in rowing distance, but that’s neither her nor there…).

I’ve been going for just over a year now, but had to take the last 2 months off because my son was on summer break and OTF (at least ours) doesn’t offer child care.  Before that though, I had increased my base, push and all-out times on the treadmill by at least a mile (or more) an hour, was rowing like a beast, and lifting heavier weights than I ever had.  I felt so strong!  Unfortunately, not going for 2 months means I’ve basically started back at square one.  The good news is that during that hiatus was when I changed to my veto diet, so although I wasn’t working out, I lost weight (13 lbs now 15 lbs after this morning’s weigh-in!) because of Keto.  Now that I’m back to workout out AND eating right, I can already see even more improvements in my body. I can’t wait to get back to where I was before I took a break!

I believe most Orangetheory’s offer your first class free, so definitely give it a shot to see if it’s for you!  And if you’re local to Celebration, FL be sure to tell them I sent you, and don’t kill me when you want to die… I told you so! 🙂


*Side note – Today is the last day for your chance to earn a free mini-session from me!  Be sure to check out this post to know what i”m talking about.


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