How I Lost 15 lbs in 3 Months (actually, like 2.5 months)…

As I said in a previous post, I didn’t start my Keto journey as a way to lose weight.  However, I would be lying if I said I didn’t hope to lose some, although I didn’t really know what that would look like.  I just wanted to see where my body would settle and be happy.  I figured that if I ate right then whatever weight that needed to come off would.  And if I’m super honest (I’m getting vulnerable here), when I started this way of eating I weighed the most I ever have (short of being pregnant).

With my 10 year wedding anniversary coming up I realized that I was 30 lbs heavier than when I walked down that isle.  I think as women we tend to beat ourselves up about these things, but I work very hard to try not to (this has been a long road…).  This body of mine carried a beautiful baby boy naturally when doctors told me I wouldn’t.  It breastfed that sweet boy for 3 years.  And it’s taken me on some amazing adventures with some very special friends and family and lots of great food that I will never regret eating.  So I really can’t beat it up too much about carrying a little extra weight.

Since the birth of my son 7 years ago there were a couple times that I got back down to my comfortable weight, but those weren’t exactly pleasant ways to lose it.  While I was breastfeeding my body burned calories like nobodies business!  I lost pretty much all the baby weight I had put on, but it was death of my father that brought it down even more.  And the other time I lost a significant amount was when I was doing fitness challenges at my gym where I’d go to bootcamp everyday and heavily restricted my diet.  Both times I was “happy” with my body, but I wasn’t happy.  Can you relate?

Enter the Keto diet!  I think this seems so sustainable to me because I don’t really feel deprived.  Sure, in the beginning you miss carbs like crazy, but then you sort of don’t care.  And because the diet is so high in fat I rarely ever feel hungry.  Even on days where I fast, my body has so much fat to use as fuel that I’m not starving.  It’s such a relief to not feel hungry all the time!  And as opposed to Whole30, this is a bit easier to eat out (although I cook 5 nights a week, I tend to boycott cooking on the weekends, so this is a big one for me).  Because there are a couple sugar alternatives (again, outlined in this post), I can make treats for myself to eat at birthdays and other celebrations so I don’t feel like I’m missing out (because so much about food is mental, y’all!).

A couple of you asked how exactly I lost the weight.  The answer is that it’s almost all Keto  (although I lost another 2 pounds after incorporating exercise back in).  Here’s a look at what I eat in a typical day.

Breakfast:  Bullet Proof Coffee (Because I do intermittent fasting, this helps me get from dinner the previous night all the way through to lunch.  I also exercise right after school drop-off.  Dr. Mercola suggests working out on an empty stomach and the fat in the coffee gives me all the energy I need).

Snack (for workout days) Usually either a fat bomb of some sort or a meat stick that doesn’t have any icky ingredients.  Chomps and Epic bars are my go-to’s.

Lunch:  99% of the time it’s leftovers on top of salad or cauliflower rice.

Dinner:  3-4oz of protein with a fatty sauce (lemon butter, boursin cheese sauce, chimichurri, etc), veggies or a salad, and maybe cauliflower rice but not always.

Dessert: Definitely not an everyday thing, but I will have a fat bomb if I need to increase my fat, Keto ice cream (I’ll be blogging that one soon!), or some Lily’s chocolate that is low-carb, stevia sweetened, and a gift straight from Heaven!

If there is one thing I can stress up someone eating Keto (and ESPECIALLY in the beginning), it’s to track everything you eat and make sure you weigh it to get an accurate macro count.  I was actually quite surprised at how much 3-4 ounces of chicken really is.  I was eating sometimes more than double what I should have been!  I use the Chronometer app because it calculates my macros (the percentage of fat, protein, and carbs).  You can also put in your exercise calories burned (which is easy for me because Orangetheory tells you what that is for every workout) as well as your weight loss goals so that you can set calorie intake limits.  It is SO helpful and I really think I would have failed at this point if I didn’t use it.  Here’s a look at my typical day.  You can clearly see just how much fat I consume (always more than 100 grams per day)!  Also, this was a workout day, so the total grams of protein and carbs are higher than I would eat on a on-workout day.

I also fast every Friday.  When I do that, I can have my coffee in the morning (yay for fat!) and then I have a bowl of bone both for lunch and dinner.  I mainly do this so I can have a “feast day” on Saturday where I can significantly increase my carb intake (up to 150 grams).  I also find it’s nice to do this so I set myself up for feast day on the weekend when we’ll be eating out.  My carb choices still need to be good though.  Mainly root veggies, sweet potatoes, fruit, and a small amount of non-gluten grains.

So there it is!  That’s how I lost it!  I would say the first 10 pounds came off within the first 3 weeks and the rest has just been gradual.  But I’m so happy with my results and it helps me on days of weakness when I want to faceplant into a sheet cake 😉

Feel free to ask any questions you may have!  Hopefully I’ll have some good insight for you.


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